13 Fantasy & Sci-fi Stories of Grief and Healing

One of the projects I recently announced to my newsletter and Patreon is a 7,000-word piece titled “Death in the Uncanny Valley”. I wrote this sci-fi short for The Alchemy of Sorrow, an upcoming SFF anthology organized by Virginia McClain (SPFBO 2019 finalist and author of Blade’s Edge). The project will (hopefully) be funded through a Kickstarter, which just went live today!

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For those interested, here’s the little intro to my story I wrote for the Kickstarter page:

“Death in the Uncanny Valley” sprang from my fascination with nostalgia, digital space, and physical distance. I think all of us have a place from childhood that brings old feelings to the surface whenever we revisit it. I wanted to explore the ways this experience might evolve as the modern world puts ever greater physical distance between loved ones and more of the “places” we share become digital spaces.

This is a fancy way of saying “I’ve never written a video game story before… and I wanted to try writing a video game story.” Not my wheelhouse, but we’ll see how it turned out. And I expect my fellow authors’ stories will more than carry the anthology.

Other participating authors include:

  • Intisar Khanani (author of Thorn)
  • K.S. Villoso (author of The Wolf of Oren-Yaro)
  • Krystle Matar (author of Legacy of the Brightwash)
  • Clayton Snyder (author of Norylska Groans)
  • Rachel Emma Shaw (author of Last Memoria)
  • Angela Boord (author of Fortune’s Fool)
  • Levi Jacobs (author of Daughter of Flood and Fury)
  • Sonya M. Black (author of A Sea of Broken Glass)
  • Carol A. Park (author of The Heretic Gods)
  • Madolyn Rogers (author of The Copper Assassin)
  • Quenby Olson (author of Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons)

With editing by Sarah Chorn, illustration by Kerstin Espinosa Rosero, and cover art by Zoe Badini. You can find more about these lovely people, their contributions, and potential backer rewards on our Kickstarter page.

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