This year, we thrive!

Last January, I rolled my previous (2020) retrospective into a plan for the coming year, figuring the best way to see where I was going was to look at where I’d been. I started writing a blog post in the same format for this year, but it turned out to be super boring because… well… aside from minor adjustments to my serial chapter release schedule and the charities I wanted to support, I met all my goals. While I’m obviously glad that I crushed my resolutions, going down a list and patting myself on the back for each item would make for a boring post.

Upon reflection, I was very much in survival mode these past two and a half years. The world was uncertain, my mental health was precarious, and I needed to set attainable goals that would move me forward psychologically. I think that the difference this year is that the self-care and gentle goal-setting has paid off. I’ve graduated from survival mode. At the risk of jinxing it, I might go as far as to say that I’m thriving. I’m in career mode now. And I want to ride that momentum forward, with my eyes on where I’m going.

2022 Goals

Publish two projects

One of these will be my dark academia novel, Blood Over Bright Haven. The other won’t be a full-length novel, but I’m hoping for a novella, maybe? I’ll definitely have at least one short story coming out in an anthology this year. If all else fails, I’ll have to count that toward the total. But I will be publishing a minimum of two new projects this year after a long dry spell, which has me excited.

New Patreon tiers

Currently, I only have a $1 tier and a $3 tier on my Patreon, both of which entitle the patron to digital rewards like early access to artwork and serial chapters. Through surveys of my Patreon and newsletter, I’ve confirmed that there is interest in higher tiers that offer physical rewards. Originally, I planned to launch these new tiers at the beginning the new year. But since some of those planned higher tiers include “all published books to date” in either ebook or physical form, I wanted to wait until I had something to offer in addition to the same three books I’ve been selling since early 2019. So, look for $5 – $35 tiers later this year!

Keep up my current writing pace

At the beginning of 2021, I set a goal of 2-3 finished chapters per month. I ended up absolutely decimating that goal by not only starting but completing an unplanned 80,000-word novel (Blood Over Bright Haven, which I originally conceived as a novella) in addition to my planned serial chapters. One day, I hope to write as fast as some of my peers, but at my current skill and energy level, I’ll be delighted if I can sustain this pace through 2022.

My Ongoing Projects

Not much new here since my previous blog posts. There will be other stuff coming up in 2022. I just can’t announce it yet.

Blood Over Bright Haven

(Gaslamp fantasy, dark academia)

The first woman ever admitted to an ancient order of mages uncovers a secret that could change magic forever—if it doesn’t get her killed first.

I’m in the middle of sending my second draft to a team of early readers one chapter at a time (12 of 22 chapters sent so far). After their feedback is in, the story will get another edit or two before I publish.

Goodreads page >>

Gunpowder Magnolia

(Flintlock military fantasy, political intrigue, romance)

Gunpowder Magnolia preliminary cover

A battalion that was never supposed to see combat faces a magic that was never supposed to exist, setting multiple kingdoms on a collision course.

I’m currently releasing this as a serial through my newsletter and Patreon. Eventually, the full story will be published as a trilogy.

Read sample chapter >>


(Flintlock fantasy, political intrigue, mystery)

Sazuma preliminary book cover

All secrets in the matriarchal state of Sazuma move through the spy guild. When the most powerful spies among them turn both knives and secrets against each other, the ensuing chaos shakes the state to its roots.

An early draft of Sazuma is also being serialized (albeit much more slowly than Gunpowder Magnolia) through my Patreon.

Read sample chapter >>

Seven Forsaken

(Flintlock fantasy, adventure)

Seven Forsaken preliminary cover

A shape-shifting priest-turned-mercenary makes his way through the aftermath of a plague that took everything from him.

Seven Forsaken was my first serial post-Sword of Kaigen. While it is currently on hiatus to make more room for Gunpowder, it is not abandoned. I’m still very excited to return to it when my schedule opens up again.

Read sample chapter >>

As I said above, I’ve also got some mystery projects going in the background. You’ll know more about those as they take shape—if they take shape.

Thanks for reading and best of luck to all of you with your own goals in the new year!

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  1. Thanks Ms. Wang for your detailed updates. Looks like you have some awesome stuff coming down the pipeline.

    As someone who really enjoyed the audiobook of the Sword of Kaigen, I’m eagerly anticipating your next published work that will have a purchasable audiobook version. I’m sure there are many busy folks like me who stare at screens and text for a living and take comfort in hearing tales told to us instead of reading them with our eyes.

    Kaigen was an amazing read for me and intimates many amazing stories you have yet to tell. I can’t wait to hear them!

    Happy 2022!

    -a fan

  2. Love everything you’re doing…looking forward to another great year! Big fan of Gunpowder and BOBH! THANKS!

  3. Just started The Sword of Kaigen and already I’m hooked. Love the magic, the world, the characters and the amazing writing. You are amazing. I have become a fan and will be devouring anything you write from now on. Keep up the amazing work.

  4. The Sword of Kaigen was an incredible book, and I was invested in every page. I cant say how sad I am to hear that this series is not to be continued, as I had so many unanswered questions, and the characters had not completed their journeys. I hope one day you will continue this story. Thankyou for writing it, but can you please continue?

    1. Maybe someday when I’ve figured out how to fix the broken world-building I did in my youth. But it won’t be any time soon, unfortunately.
      Glad to hear that you enjoyed the book though! Thank you for the comment!

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