The Sword of Kaigen Updates – Now on Goodreads!

Hello Dear Readers! M. L. Wang here with some quick SoK updates. First, I'm delighted to let you all know that The Sword of Kaigen is now on Goodreads! If you use Goodreads, be sure to add it to your 'to-read' shelf and vote for it on the 'Fantasy Releases of February 2019,' 'Asian Fantasy… Continue reading The Sword of Kaigen Updates – Now on Goodreads!

The Sword of Kaigen Merwild Art

New SoK Art by Merwild

A big thanks to @merwild (Coralie 'Coco' Jubenot) for this stunning commissioned artwork of Misaki and Takeru from The Sword of Kaigen. If for some strange reason you don’t already follow this incredible artist, now would be a great time to do so. I may be giving away prints of this artwork closer to SoK's release on… Continue reading New SoK Art by Merwild

Maps of SoK

Hello again, Dear Readers! I wanted to share some of the maps I've been working on to go inside The Sword of Kaigen (coming February 19th, 2019). If you've read the Theonite books, this first map probably looks familiar. Not wanting to reuse the same Yammanka-style map of Duna from Theonite: Orbit, I made some… Continue reading Maps of SoK

The Sword of Kaigen RELEASE DATE!

Hello Dear Readers! I'm delighted to let you know that The Sword of Kaigen finally has its release date! Ebook and paperback versions will go live on Amazon February 19th, 2019! Subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date on all things SoK, from ARC availability, to giveaways, to pre-order rewards! A mother struggling to… Continue reading The Sword of Kaigen RELEASE DATE!

The Sword of Kaigen – Part 11 is here!

Hello Dear Readers! Quick update to let everyone know that Part 11 of my ongoing Theonite companion novel, The Sword of Kaigen, is now available to read here on the website. If you haven't been following the story, you can start reading from the beginning here. The newest 12th installment will be released to the newsletter… Continue reading The Sword of Kaigen – Part 11 is here!

New Theonite Merchandise!

Good afternoon, Dear Readers! Today marks the relaunch of my merchandise store, with revamped mug and t-shirt designs, as well as completely new products like stickers and blankets! I've displayed my own favorite products on the merchandise page here on To see the full range of products in all their different variations (from the… Continue reading New Theonite Merchandise!

Theonite art in progress

I’m working on this ludicrously complicated image of the twenty core characters from the upcoming third book in my Theonite Series. Having gotten 20% of the way through, I realized I had all the female youngsters from Book 2 (minus Ayumi and the slightly older upperclassmen). Their clothing is still lacking some detail, but given how huge the… Continue reading Theonite art in progress

Theonite Anniversary – PART TWO!

As of today, paperbacks of Theonite Book II: Orbit with the new cover art (featured below) are available on Amazon! May 16th - 17th both Theonite ebooks are FREE to download on Amazon! Get Book 1 FREE Get Book 2 FREE After May 17th, I’ll be out of free promotion days on Amazon Kindle, so this is your last chance to… Continue reading Theonite Anniversary – PART TWO!