July 2019 Writing Update

Giving progress updates on City of Ghosts is difficult because the book has already been drafted multiple times (the most recent draft having been completed during my senior year of college, 2014) so most of the work involves rewriting and restructuring. As far as that process goes, I'd estimate that I'm about 25% done. It's… Continue reading July 2019 Writing Update

The Sword of Kaigen Updates – Now on Goodreads!

Hello Dear Readers! M. L. Wang here with some quick SoK updates. First, I'm delighted to let you all know that The Sword of Kaigen is now on Goodreads! If you use Goodreads, be sure to add it to your 'to-read' shelf and vote for it on the 'Fantasy Releases of February 2019,' 'Asian Fantasy… Continue reading The Sword of Kaigen Updates – Now on Goodreads!

Theonite Anniversary – PART TWO!

As of today, paperbacks of Theonite Book II: Orbit with the new cover art (featured below) are available on Amazon! May 16th - 17th both Theonite ebooks are FREE to download on Amazon! Get Book 1 FREE Get Book 2 FREE After May 17th, I’ll be out of free promotion days on Amazon Kindle, so this is your last chance to… Continue reading Theonite Anniversary – PART TWO!

New Orbit Cover Art! (and some notes on cover design)

Here is the new paperback cover for Theonite Book 2: Orbit. It will be available for purchase on Amazon on May 15th, as part of my May Anniversary Special. REMINDER: on May 15th (the same day this cover goes live for the paperbacks), the Orbit ebook will be FREE on Amazon! Bookmark the page so you don’t miss it! I was overworked… Continue reading New Orbit Cover Art! (and some notes on cover design)