The third book in my Volta Academy Chronicles, Girl Squad Volcanic, is officially live on Amazon. If you missed the first two book, Girl Squad Volta and Girl Squad Volition, and don’t want to be spoiled by the summary below, you can order those here or read a preview chapter here.

Girl Squad Volcanic cover art by Miss vie Book Designs


With her powers developing, Wren continues her combat training at Aurin Academy, struggles with defined construct formation, and worries about finding a date for the upcoming Fall Aerial—all while messaging Prince Zenan of Luhai to talk through her problems.

As Wren tries to manage her growing crush on a prince she’ll never see again, squad captain, Aya, faces her own set of stumbling blocks on her long path to reform the Academy—from confronting Wren’s mysterious stalker, Dao, to the addressing the threat of ever more powerful Xin looming over the squad’s next mission.


I hope you all enjoy reading this new installment because I certainly enjoyed working on it! Of the four books (Girl Squad Volta, Girl Squad Volition, Blood Over Bright Haven, and this) I published this year, Volcanic was by far the most fun to write, so if those of you who pick it up have even a fraction of that fun, I think I’ve done my job.

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