Submit your pre-order receipt to receive a signed bookmark!

We’re coming up on the release of my for-fun YA project, Girl Squad Volta, and I wanted to post quickly to share this pre-order promo.

The Girl Squad series is very different from my other works and was, in fact, something I started working on to offset the psychological stress of writing the heavier themes in my adult fantasy stories. Obviously, YA magical girl adventure won’t be for everyone in my current readership, but if you like super-powered martial arts, sparkly power-ups, and earnest teen friendship drama (or if you have a kid over the age of nine-ish who likes any of that stuff), you’ll want to check this one out!

Girl Squad Volta will launch on March 1st and all pre-order (or early order) receipts should be submitted by March 7th. The exclusive pre-order bonus bookmark will feature the Girl Squad Volta cover art created by the talented Miss Vie Book Designs and a signature from Yours Truly.



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