The Sword of Kaigen special edition Kickstarter launched on November 1st and, only six days in, here are the milestones we’ve already hit:

✓ Fully funded
✓ Stretch goal 1: bonus interior map
✓ Stretch goal 2: sewn-in fabric ribbon bookmark
✓ Stretch goal 3: two interior art pieces
✓ Over $100,000 in under 24 hours
✓ Kickstarter “Projects we Love” badge
✓ Top 20 most funded fiction Kickstarters

So huge thank you to all of you who have backed thus far! If you’re interested in a copy and haven’t pledged yet, there are still 16 days left to back the project.

Dust jacket layout by STK Kreations

These special editions will feature a cloth wrapped cover with a foil-stamped case, a silver foiled and embossed dust jacket (featured above), illustrations by Félix Ortiz (including the splash artwork of Mamoru in the header of this post), a new map by Charis Loke, a new interior design by STK Kreations, and silver foiled edges! Signed bookmarks and foil character art prints by Vinch (below) are also available.

Limited foil art prints by Vinch

Speaking of book swag and beautiful artwork, I should also mention that The Alchemy of Sorrow crew is giving away free swag to anyone who orders a copy of the anthology in any format before November 15th. To claim your early order swag, just submit your receipt here!

The Alchemy of Sorrow Fantasy Anthology by Virginia McClain Sarah Chorn ML Wang Intisar Khanani KS Villoso LW Jacobs Quenby Olson Angela Boord Rachel Emma Shaw Clayton Snyder

The Alchemy of Sorrow is an anthology of grief and hope in which thirteen authors explore the many facets of grief and healing through the lens of fantasy and sci-fi. Featuring stories from myself, K.S. Villoso, Intisar Khanani, Sonya M. Black, Angela Boord, Levi Jacobs, Krystle Matar, Virginia McClain, Quenby Olson, Carol A. Park, Madolyn Rogers, Rachel Emma Shaw, and Clayton Snyder.

I believe the early order swag will feature the anthology’s stunning cover art by Zoe Badini and/or the intricate illustrations by K.E. Rosero (examples below).

Art by K.E. Rosero for “Skies on Fire” by Sonya M. Black (The Alchemy of Sorrow)
Art by K.E. Rosero for “Lullaby” by K.S. Villoso (The Alchemy of Sorrow)

Submit your receipt to get swag!

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