Get THE SWORD OF KAIGEN ebook on sale for $2.49!

Back when I started publishing on Amazon, I thought that indie authors who could get their books to 100 Amazon reviews were basically wizards. To be clear, I still think that 100 reviews is an amazing target to hit, which is why it boggles my mind that The Sword of Kaigen is currently sitting at 20 times that. Thank you so much to all of you who reviewed on any platform, buzzed on social media, recommended the book to your friends, all that. This wouldn’t have happened without you.

I was planning to run a sale to celebrate reaching 2,000 reviews. As it turns out, I agreed to a Prime Deal a while back and, as a result, Amazon has already put The Sword of Kaigen ebook on sale for $2.49 through July 31st. So, if you haven’t picked up a copy, now is a good time.

Thank you again for 2,000 reviews!


  1. Ms. Wang…I read your explanation for discontinuing the series. Sadly, I am trying to reconcile this with the understanding that you are the creator, and therefore control it at your discretion. However, I purchased your book via Amazon, and came here looking for the follow up.

    I respectfully wish to push you a bit, just as Misiaki pushed her powerful husband. Please take the time to reconsider. In The Sword of Kaigen, you created an amazing story of worlds, cultures, characters and families we care about a LOT. The story has so many legs…so much more to render….so many places to go.

    I hope to one day read of a resurrection for Kaigen. Such is the gift this tale has rendered for myself and (based upon many responses) thousands of others. I have to believe the rest of the story can flow from your heart and soul, fluidly, much as one removes the tense effort from their shoulders to bring swiftness to their sword.

    For now, enough of my attempts at persuasion. Blessings to you and my best wishes for happiness. I am now subscribed and will look forward to whatever “next” is!

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