The Sword of Kaigen Audiobook is here!

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The fun thing about self-publishing on Amazon is that you can’t really time when your ebooks, audiobooks, and paperbacks will go live. The best you can do is aim for your intended release date and hope for the best. So, I approved The Sword of Kaigen audio files for publication on August 18th, figuring they would go live around September 1st. Turns out, Amazon moved faster than expected, so the audio has actually been live since August 22nd. But since September 1st was the official release date I shared, I’m doing the general announcement today. I hope nobody’s too hurt that I didn’t share earlier.

Life Update: I got a new friend!!

Back in July, I told my newsletter that I was looking into buying a bird and we had a poll for what I should call him. Of the top-voted names, I settled on Sulu because parrots live a long time and I wanted a nerdom name with the evergreen appeal of original Trek.

I’d still say that the best mental health decision I’ve made in 2020 has been staying off social media (no Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, any of that except on designated book promotion days like today) but the bird is a close second. Having an antsy, chatty little friend to look after has gotten me onto a more regular schedule and given me someone to talk to through the long days in quarantine. He doesn’t know any human words yet but he does, cuddle, and burble, and listen patiently to readings of my rough drafts.

Pictured here helping me with new chapters of Seven Forsaken

Writing Update

I don’t think it’s controversial to say that this year hasn’t been the best? But the silver lining on this volatile thundercloud of 2020 is that I’ve managed a decent amount of writing during quarantine. Since discontinuing the Theonite universe in late 2019 (x), my writing energy has scattered across several projects within my new Altima Universe.

As my newsletter subscribers will know, I’ve recently started publishing one of these stories as a monthly serial titled Seven Forsaken. (If you’re up for a meandering sci-fi/fantasy mashup with guns, snakes, and a higher f**k count than my earlier work, you can read the first chapter here). This project has pushed me to finalize little pieces of world-building as I continue to take my time with the more complex books in the same universe, and I hope it makes for a fun intro to the semi-apocalyptic world of Altima.

That’s all I’ve got for updates… probably for a while?

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