This is where I’ve collected a bunch of official and unofficial artwork from the Theonite Universe (if you’re looking for maps, those are here). Links go to each artist’s preferred social media account but if you’d rather find them elsewhere, I’ve compiled all their socials at the bottom of the page.

The Whispering Blade // Fanna Sharma (fantatlily)
Misaki // Coralie Jubénot (Merwild)
Takeru // Coralie Jubénot (Merwild)
Misaki & Mamoru // Gabriella Perez (@gabriellapazpg)
Misaki (The Sword of Kaigen) by Taratjah
Misaki // Tara Spruit (Taratjah)
Mamoru (The Sword of Kaigen) by Taratjah
Mamoru // Tara Spruit (Taratjah)
The Sword of Kaigen Art by Arielle Werthaim
The Duel // Arielle Werthaim (arielle_the_merms)
Mamoru // Tiffany Jones (Tuffuny)
Misaki & Izumo // Tiffany Jones (Tuffuny)
Misaki // Chloe Quinn (Quinnasaurus Creations)
Fiki // Chloe Quinn (Quinnasaurus Creations)
Misaki & Mamoru // Paperish
Misaki & Takeru // Paperish
Misaki & Takeru // Paperish

The Sword of Kaigen // Gianna Croft
Daniel Thundyil (Theonite) by Tiffany Jones
Daniel Thundyil // Tiffany Jones (Tuffuny)

Joan Messi // Tiffany Jones (Tuffuny)

Koko, Rajani, Fiki & Joan
Misaki & Takeru // Tiara L’Hommedieu (Bloodydamnit)

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