Defined by the belief that the world was created by Nnyan (from the Donkili), who they believe to be God of the Sky and favored son of the progenitor gods Kiye and Nyaare (who are largely irrelevant to Thannyan beliefs).

Nnyan created the world.

Thannyan Falleya does not have a founding fina or other prophet. Rather, it took shape organically as the beliefs of various indigenous Abirians mixed with Fana Falleka.

Thannyan Falleya is hated by the Yammanka and Yammanka-installed ruling powers in North Baxaria, who have consistently vilified it and tried to stamp it out.

Worship & Lifestyle
Thannyan Fallekalu have little to no interest in the kafonu that are so important to Kelen Falleya. Instead, most of their religious rites are divided along the lines of gender, respecting mens’ traditional role as warriors and womens’ as caregivers. It is a sin for a woman to kill a fellow human (and frowned upon for her to kill animals) in Thannyan Falleya.

Thannyan Falleya is unique among Falleya denominations in its respect for varied sexualities and gender identities. A woman who wants to hunt and kill may do so so long as she dresses as a man. A man who wants to be a caretaker and homemaker may do so so long as he dresses as a woman. These individuals who cross gender lines may take a spouse of whichever gender, though it is generally expected that a warrior will marry a caretaker.


Notable Thannyan Fallekalu in the books: Hakan Lutah, The Road Chief

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