The Sword of Kaigen

About my upcoming novel – The Sword of Kaigen

Hello Dear Readers! M. L. Wang here. With The Sword of Kaigen coming out in two weeks, I wanted to ramble a bit about the setting, characters, magic system, and the general experience of writing a 600-page fantasy. The Setting While I went to extreme, conscious lengths to research to the West African cultures that inspired the… Continue reading About my upcoming novel – The Sword of Kaigen

It’s Charity Month Again! Buy a Book to Fight Malaria!

Through the month of December, 50% of my royalties will go to the Against Malaria Foundation! For newcomers to this site who aren’t aware, my Theonite Series is a YA story in which a team of super-powered misfits fight crime in an African-dominated parallel universe. The world-building of Theonite is heavily based on West African culture (specifically that of the Mande… Continue reading It’s Charity Month Again! Buy a Book to Fight Malaria!

The Sword of Kaigen

The Final Sword of Kaigen Cover Art is here! (ARCs available)

THE FINAL COVER DESIGN IS HERE! During November, I will be sending a limited number of advanced reader copies of The Sword of Kaigen (in both PDF and paperback form) to readers interested in providing early reviews. As of today, I am accepting ARC requests at! Stuff to know about ARC requests: Due to shipping costs, I… Continue reading The Final Sword of Kaigen Cover Art is here! (ARCs available)

Anti-Columbus Day Special – FREE books and bookmarks!

It is generally accepted among people with empathy and a basic understanding of history that Christopher Columbus is not a figure worth celebrating. So, I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate this October 8th with a free promo of my Theonite Series, which takes us to a world free of Christopher Columbus and the… Continue reading Anti-Columbus Day Special – FREE books and bookmarks!


More ‘Sword of Kaigen’ Art!

Hello Dear Readers! M. L. Wang here, and today I want to share some new SoK artwork from the wonderful Tara Spruit (Taratjah). I've always loved this artist's warm, expressive style, so I was ecstatic to have the chance to commission these pieces. Tara Spruit has also done wonderful art based on other fantasy series… Continue reading More ‘Sword of Kaigen’ Art!

New Theonite Merchandise!

Good afternoon, Dear Readers! Today marks the relaunch of my merchandise store, with revamped mug and t-shirt designs, as well as completely new products like stickers and blankets! I've displayed my own favorite products on the merchandise page here on To see the full range of products in all their different variations (from the… Continue reading New Theonite Merchandise!

Theonite art in progress

I’m working on this ludicrously complicated image of the twenty core characters from the upcoming third book in my Theonite Series. Having gotten 20% of the way through, I realized I had all the female youngsters from Book 2 (minus Ayumi and the slightly older upperclassmen). Their clothing is still lacking some detail, but given how huge the… Continue reading Theonite art in progress

Theonite Anniversary – PART TWO!

As of today, paperbacks of Theonite Book II: Orbit with the new cover art (featured below) are available on Amazon! May 16th - 17th both Theonite ebooks are FREE to download on Amazon! Get Book 1 FREE Get Book 2 FREE After May 17th, I’ll be out of free promotion days on Amazon Kindle, so this is your last chance to… Continue reading Theonite Anniversary – PART TWO!