Asian Fantasy Book Giveaway – Video

Hello Dear Readers!

I made this video to accompany my Asian Fantasy Book Giveaway (which you can ENTER HERE!). Includes a full description of each book.

Youtube Video Description:

(Open to international readers)

(Note: I am an Amazon affiliate – for each purchase made through the links below, I receive a small commission)
1. Shadow of the Fox:
2. Under Heaven:
3. In the Vanisher’s Palace:
4. The Emperor’s Soul:
5. Ten Thousand Thorns:
6. Girls of Paper and Fire:
7. Blade’s Edge:
8. The Black Tides of Heaven:
9. The Secrets of Jin-shei:
10. Empress of All Seasons:
11. The Poppy War:
12. The Girl with Ghost Eyes:
13. Huntress:
14. Stormdancer:
15. Songs of Insurrection:
16. Jade City:
17. A Mortal Song:
18. Nightblade:
19. The Priestess and the Dragon:
20. Spinning Silk:
21. Book of Immortals: Disciple:
22. Across the Nightingale Floor:
23. For a Muse of Fire:
24. Forest of a Thousand Lanterns:
25. Gunpowder Alchemy:

(26. The Sword of Kaigen (pre-order for 0.99):

View this list online:…

‘Theonite Book I: Planet Adyn’:
‘Theonite Book II: Orbit’:
‘The Sword of Kaigen’ (pre-order for 0.99):


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January Owlcrate Unboxing & ‘The Sword of Kaigen’ Pre-order Swag – Video

Video Description:

‘Theonite Book I: Planet Adyn’:
‘Theonite Book II: Orbit’:
‘The Sword of Kaigen’ (PRE-ORDER 99c):
(and don’t forget to submit your pre-order receipt and mailing address to for your reader SWAG PACK!)

Blue Ink (starred review):…
Novel Notions:…

📚 BOOKS Mentioned in this video:
(The links listed below are Amazon affiliate links – for each purchase, I receive a small commission)
– Shadow and Bone:
– The Golden Compass:
– The Hobbit:
– Protector of the Small:
– A Darker Shade of Magic:
– Six of Crows:
– The Gilded Wolves:


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The Sword of Kaigen Pre-order & Swag!

For a limited time, my Japanese-inspired military fantasy novel, The Sword of Kaigen, is available for pre-order for only 0.99 on Amazon! Not only that, if you email your pre-order receipt to, along with a complete mailing address, you can get the awesome swag pack pictured below!

Pre-order The Sword of Kaigen (currently only 0.99) and submit your receipt to, along with a complete mailing address, to get your reader swag pack!

All entrants will receive:

  • A signed author letter
  • A bookmark
  • A sticker
  • A random art print from one of the awesome artists I’ve commissioned (so far, these include @tuffuny@merwild and @taratjah, though there may be more by the time the swag packs ship).

10 random pre-orders will receive all of the above + ALL art prints & 2 character stickers by @taratjah​.

1 grand prize winner will receive ALL of the above + 1 signed paperback.


If you’re curious about the artwork that might appear on prints and character stickers in your swag pack, here is the artwork by Coralie Jubenot (@merwild)…

And here we have artwork by Tara Spruit (@taratjah)…

And by Tiffany Jones (@tuffuny) (click to view full images)…

If you’re unfamiliar with The Sword of Kaigen, you can read sample chapters here!

#AuthorsAgainstAffliction – a chance for authors and readers to support charity through their love of books!

M. L. Wang here, author of the Theonite Series. Last year, I donated 100% of my December royalties to charity (specifically the Against Malaria Foundation) and ended up selling triple the number of books I had in previous months.

Since I am relying more heavily on my books for income this year (last year I worked a full-time job and wrote on the side), I will be donating 50% of my royalties this December. On the other hand, my book sales have been much better this year and I fully expect to exceed last year’s donation amount on that 50%.

This year, I also wanted to invite other authors to participate with me, using the tag #AuthorsAgainstAffliction (I know it doesn’t roll off the tongue, but I needed something general enough to cover everyone’s charity of choice and I like alliteration, sue me).

How it works:

If you are an author and want to participate, you can make a social media post or video including the following:

  • Name of the charity you will be supporting this December (if you’re undecided, I recommend checking out for a list of the most transparent and effective charities currently accepting donations)
  • Percent of your royalties you plan to donate, bearing in mind that any amount helps.
  • Titles of your published book(s) and where we can find them! (I also include a breakdown of how much I’ll be donating per title in each format, though this is optional)

Tag your post #AuthorsAgainstAffliction and I will share it to support your work!

In December, I will compile a list of all participating authors and share it via my author newsletter and all my social media channels to encourage readers to buy the listed books either for themselves or as holiday gifts for others.

Last December, I did this alone and saw a huge spike in sales while raising over $200 in donations to combat malaria in the developing world. This year, I’m excited to have company!

Don’t have any books published? Please consider sharing this post with a published author you know!

Hopefully, we can get as many authors as possible onboard!