40+ Award-nominated books for 99c each

April 1st – 4th

All authors in this sale made the finals in Mark Lawrence’s SPFBO (Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off) between 2015 and the present. A few notes:

  1. Some authors who weren’t able to put their SPFBO finalist on sale have substituted a different fantasy title.
  2. You can also find bonus books on sale from some authors listed under their finalist.
  3. All titles below should be on sale in the US Amazon store with some also on sale in other marketplaces.
  4. The Cruel Gods is discounted to $1.99 rather than $0.99.
  5. A Song for the Void is on sale only in the UK.

If you’re already caught up on your SPFBO finalists, you can find many more indie fantasy books on sale here!