– SALE ENDED February 28th, 2022 –

With a few exceptions, all books in this sale made the finals in Mark Lawrence’s SPFBO (Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off) between 2015 and the present (for more on the exceptions, see my note at the bottom of the page). Many of the titles below are on sale in multiple countries and all are on sale in the US. Sub-genres are listed beneath each entry to make browsing easier.

Blade's Edge by Virginia McClain cover
Blade’s Edge

Sword & Sorcery, Action / Adventure, Martial Arts

The Gods of Men by Barbara Kloss cover for SPFBO sale
The Gods of Men

Epic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Romance

Larcout by KA Krantz cover

High Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Political Intrigue

Burn Red Skies by Kerstin Espinosa Rosero cover for SPFBO sale
Burn Red Skies

Epic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Dragons

Sowing by Angie Grigaliunas cover for SPFBO sale

Dystopian, Political Intrigue, Romance

Shadow of a Dead God by Patrick Samphire cover
Shadow of a Dead God

Epic Fantasy, Mystery, Humor

A Sea of Broken Glass by Sonya Black cover
A Sea of Broken Glass

Flintlock Fantasy

Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc cover
Out of Nowhere

Urban Fantasy, Mystery

Paternus by Dyrk Ashton cover

Urban Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Mythology

Nether Light by Shaun Paul Stevens cover
Nether Light

Gaslamp, Epic Fantasy, Historical Fantasy

Fionn cover for SPFBO sale

Historical Fantasy, Mythology, Action / Adventure

The Path of Flames

Epic Fantasy

Sworn to the Night by Craig Schaefer cover
Sworn to the Night

Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Horror

The Crimson Queen by Alec Hutson cover
The Crimson Queen

Epic Fantasy

Orconomics by J Zachary Pike cover for SPFBO sale

Humor, Epic Fantasy, Satire

Where Loyalties Lie by Rob J. Hayes cover
Where Loyalties Lie

Epic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Nautical

Tiger Lily by K. Bird Lincoln book cover
Tiger Lily

Historical Fantasy, Mythology

The Fall of Erlon by Robert H. Fleming cover
The Fall of Erlon

Military Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

The War of Undoing by Alex Perry for SPFBO sale
The War of Undoing

Epic Fantasy, Humor

Heroes of Summervale Omnibus One

Urban Fantasy, Action/Adventure

The Way Into Chaos by Harry Connolly cover for SPFBO sale
The Way Into Chaos

Apocalyptic, Epic Fantasy

Last Memoria by Rachel Emma Shaw book cover
Last Memoria

Dark Fantasy, Romance, Action / Adventure

Fortune's Fool by Angela Boord cover
Fortune’s Fool

Historical Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Romance

Shadows of Ivory by Bryce O'Connor and TL Greylock cover
Shadows of Ivory

Epic Fantasy, Action / Adventure, Political Intrigue

Michael McClung The Thief who Pulled on Trouble's Braids cover for SPFBO sale
The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids

Sword & Sorcery, Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Hall of Bones by Tim Hardie cover for SPFBO sale
Hall of Bones

Epic Fantsy, Dark Fantasy, Grimdark

Reign and Ruin by JD Evans cover for SPFBO sale
Reign & Ruin

Romantic Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Political Intrigue

Bloodrush by Ben Galley cover

Steampunk, Historical Fantasy, Action / Adventure

A Wind from the Wilderness by Suzannah Rowntree cover
A Wind From the Wilderness

Historical Fantasy, Political Intrigue, Military Fantasy


High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

Symphony of the Wind by Steven McKinnon Cover
Symphony of the Wind

Epic Fantasy, Action / Adventure, Steampunk

Legacy of the Brightwash by Krystle Matar cover
Legacy of the Brightwash

Romantic Fantasy, Gaslamp, Grimdark

Sufficiently Advanced Magic by Andrew Rowe cover
Sufficiently Advanced Magic

Progression Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Action / Adventure

The Iron Crown by LL MacRae cover for SPFBO sale
The Iron Crown

Epic Fantasy, Dragons, Action / Adventure

The Forever King by Ben Galley book cover
The Forever King

Epic Fantasy, Dragons, Sword & Sorcery

Voice of War by Zack Argyle cover
Voice of War

High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Action / Adventure

The Exiled Heir by Jonathan French cover for SPFBO sale
The Exiled Heir

High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy

Aching God by Mike Shel cover
Aching God

Dark Fantasy, Horror, Sword & Sorcery

The Sword of Kaigen by M. L. Wang cover
The Sword of Kaigen

Military Fantasy, Sci-fi, Martial Arts

We Men of Ash and Shadow by HL Tinsley cover for SPFBO sale
We Men of Ash and Shadow

Grimdark, Dark Fantasy, Gaslamp

Carpet Diem by Justin Lee Anderson Cover
Carpet Diem

Urban fantasy, Humor

Darkness Forged by Matt Larkin cover
Darkness Forged

Mythology, Epic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

A note on our exceptions: Jonathan French’s SPFBO 2 winner, The Grey Bastards, and Justin Lee Anderson’s SPFBO 6 winner, The Lost War, have been traditionally acquired since their time in the competition, meaning they can’t be included in an indie sale. Both authors have kindly put currently-self-published books on sale instead. Levi Jacobs and James Jakins are in this sale with box sets that include their SPFBO finalist titles as well as sequels.