Defined by the belief that the ocean gods, Nami and Nagi, not only created Kaigen but are the first and supreme gods of the world.

Ryuhon Fallekalu will, however, pray to and for their dead, who they believe join Nami in the deep, in the Ocean of Souls. Nami, they believe, exists in the realm of the living and the dead at once, as the ocean is such a powerful force of both life-giving and death.

Mist may take the form of ancestors, benevolent or otherwise, visiting the living world.

Ryuhon Falleka is one of the few Dunian religions with a concept of Hell. When a soul is not able to move on, they believe it is trapped in a burning, boiling, windswept hell.

Founded by Matsuda Takeru the First.

Worship & Lifestyle
Ryuhon Fallekalu treat meditation and the use of jiya as the most important form of worship. Since their powers are gifts from the supreme gods, the use of those powers is therefore the highest form of piety. Their reliance on oral tradition is limited to nonexistent. Few Ryuhon Falleka songs exist. Their temples, while lovingly crafted from stone and wood, are rarely as lavish or brightly-colored as those of other denominations.

Ryuhon Fallekalu rarely pray directly to their gods, choosing instead to interact with them through their relationship with the natural world. To them, Nami and Nagi are not personified. They do not need to be, beyond the natural world. They will occasionally make blood sacrifices to Nami before taking to the ocean and occasionally use expressions such as ‘Nagi give me strength.’

Power, filial piety, and bloodline purity.

Notable Ryuhon Fallekalu in the books: Matsuda Izumo, Matsuda Misaki, Matsuda Mamoru, Matsuda Hiroshi, Matsuda Nagasa, Matsuda Takeru, Matsuda Setsuko, Yukino Dai, Yukino Hyori, Tsusano Koya, Tsusano Kazu.

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