A prestigious kele koro family based in northern Yamma, known for their insatiable ambition and dangerous cunning. The Zankare hold the status of honorary manga koro because, historically, several members of the family (most notably Yamma’s first queen, Sansuma Zankare) have held the throne.

Notable historical figures and people in the Theonite Series:

  • Binta (5349, tajaka, Yammanka, female) lieutenant chief of security on the Dakkabana Space Center, third in command to Chief Koma (first appearance: Orbit)
  • Mendota (5340, tajaka, Native Baxarian, female) a police inspector in Livingston, killed by Kalleyso (first mention: Orbit)
  • Queen Sansuma (tajaka, Yammanka, female) the first woman to rule the Yammanka Empire