Yammaninke Alphabet

Below is a guide to the Yammaninke script that appears in Theonite: Planet Adyn and Theonite: Orbit (traditionally written right to left or top to bottom). The ‘Original Alphabet’ encompasses only the sounds of Yammaninke while the ‘Additional Characters’ were added later in the script’s history to accomodate the writing of non-Yammaninke languages.


Author’s Note:

This alphabet is a calculated mashup of ten(ish) indigenous African scripts (the K’pelleVaiMendeLoma, and Bamun syllabaries, and the N’koNeo-TifinaghAncient BerberEgyptian hieratic and Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabets) that took years to put together. Someday, I’ll make a series of diagrams showing how I came up with each letter. Someday.