The most successful and prolific of the manga koro dynasties, based in central Yamma, the Wagadu trace their ancestry back to the founders of the Second Yammanka Empire in 3897 YSP (1485 years before the events of the Theonite Series) and have branches all over Duna. The Wagadu are known for their confidence as leaders, their ferocity in battle, and the heat of their fire.

Notable historical figures and people in the Theonite Series:

  • Kinta (5367, Yammanka, tajaka) a student at Daybreak Academy (first appearance: Orbit)
  • King Makundana the Yammanka king responsible for ordering the Great Burning (or Xoora Senondi) in Hades (first mention: Orbit)
  • Siya (5365, Yammanka, tajaka) a student at Daybreak Academy, romantically involved with Naxato Kende (first appearance: Orbit)
  • Usumbe (5361, Yammanka, tajaka) a security guard under Chief Koma (first appearance: Orbit)