June (Pride Month) Wrap-up

I began this summer excited by my newfound free time and swelled with delusions of magically overcoming my inability to read. When I made this TBR, I was Icarus. I had forgotten that my wings are paper, like the lies I used to turn in instead of book reports. What is that supposed to mean?… Continue reading June (Pride Month) Wrap-up

Why I Can’t Write Book Reviews – My History as the Worst Reader

NOTE: Reading back over this post, I'm not very happy with it. I don't hate it enough to delete it - since I do want an answer on hand for when people ask why someone who writes books doesn't read or review them with any regularity. If you're here for the quick explanation, here is… Continue reading Why I Can’t Write Book Reviews – My History as the Worst Reader

June (Pride Month) TBR

I don't normally make TBRs owing to the fact that I am such a slow and distractible reader. This one came about because I was planning on using some of my newfound time this summer to read a bunch of novellas better suited to my terrible attention span and realized that almost all the books… Continue reading June (Pride Month) TBR

Book Giveaway! #Indiecember Reading Challenge

Hello Dear Readers! M. L. Wang here to let you know that this month, I will be donating 10 signed copies of  Theonite:Planet Adyn to the giveaway for Megan Tennant’s Indiecember Reading Challenge! To find out how to win one of these copies, as well as other indie books, goodies and gift cards, you can watch Megan Tennant's Indiecember… Continue reading Book Giveaway! #Indiecember Reading Challenge