Anti-Columbus Day Special – FREE books and bookmarks!

It is generally accepted among people with empathy and a basic understanding of history that Christopher Columbus is not a figure worth celebrating. So, I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate this October 8th with a free promo of my Theonite Series, which takes us to a world free of Christopher Columbus and the European colonialism he represents.

(Also there are superpowers)

Columbus Day Promo 5

But PoC power fantasies aside, an underlying goal in all my books is to highlight the tragedy of colonialism (from the violent evil of genocide to the insidious micro-aggressions of modern-day racism). Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the oppressor is European, African, Asian, or absolutely alien; there is evil in forcing one culture over another. Rather than preaching these ideas to people’s faces, I hope to explore them in a fresh and interesting way through an African-dominated universe unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

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I’m also giving away these Theonite character bookmarks absolutely free to any readers who want them!


To get the Joan and Daniel bookmarks, all you have to do is answer the following question from Theonite Book 1: Planet Adyn:

What color is the Thundyils’ space pod?

To get the complete set of five featured above (Joan, Daniel, Fiki, Kente, and Izumo), answer this question from Theonite Book 2: Orbit:

Who is the man in the hood?

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This offer is only good through November 10th, so get your answers in soon!

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Paperback Promo

This May, I am giving away free copies of my YA fantasy novel, Theonite: Planet Adyn to the first 15 people who are willing to leave an honest review on Amazon (Goodreads is nice too, but I am specifically looking for Amazon reviews).

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