The senkuliwu are a class of craftsmen, architects, and engineers famous for their ability to produce various types of durable glass and ceramics. Originally an offshoot of the numu kafo (founded when members of the Kuruma and Koumbia families illegally intermarried with kafoless northern tribesmen), the senkuliwu gained the status of an independent kafo when their founding members discovered the secret to making nearly-impervious glass.

Relationship with other kafoka

Senkuliwu are the least socially involved of all kafoka. Rather than actively trading their wares like traditional numuwu, most senkuli families have strict, exclusive supplier relations with powerful koro families or companies.

Attire & Adornment

All senkuliwu wear a glass earring of their own creation in the right ear. This signals their kafo as well as displaying some of their personal style and craftsmanship to interested parties. Like numuwu, senkuliwu typically dress in functional short-sleeved shirts and work aprons.


In traditional Yammanka society, senkuliwu were only allowed to intermarry with their own or numuwu. With inter-kafo marriage laws loosened or abolished in the modern age, most senkuliwu still opt to keep their bloodlines pure and marry within their kafo.


Senkuli families mentioned in the Theonite universe thus far: Zilazen and Ekwenzi

Terms of Address

  • Senkuli a polite address for a member of the senkuli kafo,
  • Senku a prefix for a member of the senkuli kafo, similar to the English ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’
  • senkuden a diminutive address for a member of the senkuli kafo younger than the speaker
  • Senkuke a respectful address for a male member of the senkuli kafo, roughly equivalent to the English ‘Sir.’
  • Senkuyaa a respectful address for a female member of the senkuli kafo, roughly equivalent to the English ‘Ma’am.’


The official senkuli symbol is an abstracted glass bead.


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