The numuwu are a class of craftsmen, architects, and engineers. Traditionally, numuwu are associated with metal-working, though they also work in wood, ceramics, stone, and synthetic materials.

Relationship with other kafoka

In traditional Yammanka society, most numuwu survived by selling their crafts wherever was demand, with the most skilled being picked up and supported by powerful koro and manga koro families, who would enjoy a monopoly on their work for military or status purposes. It wasn’t until recent history that numuwu were granted the right to own their own large companies without koro patronage.

Attire & Adornment

All numuwu wear a metal earring of their own creation in the right ear. This signals their kafo as well as displaying some of their personal style and craftsmanship to interested parties.

It is considered inappropriate for numuwu to dress lavishly, as this implies that they are more interested in flaunting accessories than creating them, which reflects poorly on their motives as craftsmen. Numuwu often wear functional short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts simpler than the ones a koro might wear to show off their muscles. In the workshop, they often go shirtless (the Yammanka have no taboo on exposed breasts, so this applies to both genders) or wear a protective aprons, depending on the type of work.


In traditional Yammanka society, numuwu were only allowed to intermarry with their own or senkuliwu. With inter-kafo marriage laws loosened or abolished in the modern age, most numuwu still opt to keep their bloodlines pure and marry within their kafo.


Numu families mentioned in the Theonite universe thus far: Ishino, KotetsuKurumaKoumbiaDumbaya, Testukai, and Zithathwa

Terms of Address

  • Numu a polite address for a member of the numu kafo, as well as a prefix for a member of the numu kafo, similar to the English ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’
  • numuden a diminutive address for a member of the numu kafo younger than the speaker
  • Numuke a respectful address for a male member of the numu kafo, roughly equivalent to the English ‘Sir.’
  • numuyaa a respectful address for a female member of the fina kafo, roughly equivalent to the English ‘Ma’am.’


The official numu symbol is the abstracted smith’s hammer.


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