One of the oldest and most esteemed numu clans, the Kuruma have many branches that, all together, control the vast majority of the world’s steel production and manufacturing.

Notable historical figures and people in the Theonite Series:

  • Kante (5293, tajaka, Yammanka, male) the founder of the Kafoka Rights Movement in Yamma, son of Mori Kuruma and Sibi Dumbaya, friends with Namudana Tirama (first mention: Orbit)
  • Koli (5335, tajaka, Yammanka, male) the greatest engineer of his time, a former Daybreak Academy student, friends with Robin Thundyil, Elleen Elden, and Tsusano/Matsuda Misaki, the inventor and/or designer of most of his friend’s tech (including the Firebird coat, Misaki’s sword, and Robin Thundyil’s inter-dimensional space pod) (first mention: Planet Adyn)
  • Mori (tajaka, Yammanka, male) founder of Kuruma Steel with his wife, Sibi Dumbaya, father of Kante Kuruma (first mention: Orbit)
  • Siramori (5335, tajaka, Yammanka, male) a student at Daybreak Academy, numu to Naxato Kende, co-numu to Jamari Koumbia (first appearance: Orbit)
  • Sumanku (5320, tajaka, Yammanka, male) son of Kante Kuruma, heir to Kuruma Steel