Note that this page consists of extras from my discontinued Theonite series. I’ll create a separate page for Altima material when I start launching books in the new universe.


World maps of Duna


Artwork from the world of Duna

The World of Duna

A glossary of terms consolidated from Theonite and The Sword of Kaigen.

A guide to Duna’s occupational social castes.

Learn to write the Yammaninke alphabet!

A directory of all named characters in the Dunaverse.

Various maps of Planet Duna and its nations.

A guide to the elemental superpowers of Duna.

A guide to the months and days of Planet Duna.

A timeline of major historical events on Planet Duna.

Personality Quizzes


Find out which elemental superpower you would wield in the world of Duna!


There are several great swords of Shirojima. Find out which one you would wield as a fighter defending the Sword of Kaigen.


The people of Planet Duna are divided into six castes called ‘kafonu’ – blacksmiths, warriors, glassworkers, priests, griots, and rulers. Find out which kafo you would belong to.