A low-status but prolific kele koro family based in Kaigen. The vast majority of Chiba are fishermen or farmers living in the Shirojima and Hakudao prefectures of the Kaigenese Empire.

Notable historical figures and people in the Theonite Series:

  • Alexis Chiba-Heidrich (5365, jijaka, Kaigenese-Carythian, female) a student at Daybreak Academy, in a relationship with Maadi Biraye (first appearance: Orbit)
  • Matsuda Setsuko (maiden name: Chiba) (5337, jijaka, Kaigenese, female) wife of Matsuda Takashi, mother of Ayumi, close friends with Yukino Hyori and sister-in-law, Matsuda Misaki (first appearance: The Sword of Kaigen)