The oldest of the manga koro dynasties, based in central Yamma, the Biraye trace their ancestry back to King Dingana, who founded the First Yammanka Empire in 976 YSP (4406 years before the events of the Theonite Series).

Notable historical figures and people in the Theonite Series:

  • Damina the founder of Daybreak Academy (first mention: Orbit)
  • King Dingana the first king of Yamma, the son of Gunjura and Yittinka (first mention: Orbit)
  • Makamadi ‘Maadi’ (5365, Yammanka, tajaka) a student at Daybreak Academy, apprentice to Jali Kaia Wulenkaba, romantically involved with Alexis Chiba-Heidrich (first appearance: Orbit)