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New Theonite Personality Quiz!

Hello Dear Readers!

Quick thing I wanted to share: I’ve just finished a personality quiz you can take to find your theotype (aka your Dunian superpower – tajaka, jijaka, fonyaka, littigi, etc.) Shout-out to Isaac, one of my younger readers, who prompted me to write up the first draft of this quiz last year. Look, Isaac, now you don’t have to circle your answers in pencil and add up your own results!

Take the Quiz!

And yeah, I know that in-universe, theotypes are a race-based thing locked-in at birth, but there are certain personality types that are undeniably better suited to some theotypes than others. For example, pure determination does a lot for Mamoru’s ice-based powers in The Sword of Kaigen but not so much for Daniel’s fire power in Theonite. The inverse is true of anger, which does more to bolster fire than move ice. An eye for detail, which is irrelevant most theonites, is an indispensable ingredient for success to a littigi. You get the idea.

Oh, and when you’re done with the quiz, consider using the button at the end to tweet your results @M_L_Wang! Do we have more tajakalu among us? More fonyakalu? I can’t wait to find out!

Last, a quick reminder that all my books – Theonite: Planet Adyn, Theonite: Orbit & The Sword of Kaigen – are ONLY 99c ON AMAZON through May! If you need to get caught up with any installments in the series, now is the time to grab them!

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