New Planet Adyn Cover Art!

Hello Dear Readers,

Here is the final Planet Adyn cover design for my May Anniversary Special!

Planet Adyn 4-24-18 Complete cover

As of posting, this design has been applied to the Planet Adyn paperbacks on Amazon (available for purchase here).

Over all, I’m very happy with this design. While my Photoshop game (as always) leaves something to be desired, I feel that this art captures the content and atmosphere of Book 1 – angst, superpowers, secrets, isolation, melancholy… more angst.

PA Old and New
Planet Adyn‘s original 2016 cover (left), and its 2018 Anniversary Special cover (right)

I was personally sad to sacrifice the visual metaphor for racial hierarchy and the bogolan (West African mudcloth) patterns suggestive of the Mande-based world-building from the 2016 cover, but those honestly did little to communicate the book’s tone and genre. The previous cover was wide open to interpretation – something that I loved about it, as the author, but I doubt it did a good job attracting the YA/fantasy readers who have made up my most enthusiastic readership.

In any case, I’m excited to see how this cover does on Amazon. Let me know your thoughts!

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