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(pl. denw or denwu)


IPA: /dɛn/ (pl. /dɛnu/ or / dɛu/)

Language: Yammaninke

child (noun, term of address)

This word and its compounds (denke, meaning ‘boy child’ or ‘son,’ and denyaa, meaning ‘girl child’ or ‘daughter’) are often used to address young people. It is generally considered polite when used to address someone younger than the speaker. However, when used to address someone of similar age or older than the speaker, it is considered disrespectful and condescending.

Example Sentences:
N’den, i ni soxoma; good morning, child (literally: my child, you and the morning)
A ye Bori den; that is Bori’s child
Denw ye ka seri dumini yela; the children are eating pudding



Real World Origins:
This word comes from the shared Maninka and Bambara word of the same meaning and pronunciation.


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