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(pl. adyns or adynw)

"A - DIN"


IPA: /adən/ or /ædən/ (pl. /adənz/, /ædənz/ or /adiu/)

a person with no theonite nyamaya, enhanced physical abilities, telekinetic influence over the world around them (noun)

Dunian linguists believe that the word is a misspelling of the Yammaninke words a den, meaning literally ‘his child,’ ‘her child,’ or ‘child of another.’ This would be a term meant to differentiate adyns from the Yammanka Fallekedenw (children of the Falleke), categorizing them as the worshipers and/or descendants of a foreign god of undetermined identity.

The word 'adyn' is inextricably tied to race, having originated during a time when it was popularly believed that there were no white people with theonite abilities. As such, some use it to refer to anyone with light skin, regardless of their abilities, although this is widely considered to be both racist and technically inaccurate. In its politically correct application, the word refers to all people (regardless of their race of the source of their abilities) without enhanced strength or telekinetic influence over the physical world around them.

Example Sentences:
N’ye adyn ye; I am an adyn
Nyamaya ma adynw bolo; adyns have no nyamaya.



Real World Origins:
In Ancient Greek, the word adyn (αδύν) means ‘weak’ or ‘weakness.’ In Russian, the word odyn (один) of similar pronunciation, means ‘one’ or ‘alone.’

Both Yammaninke parts of the word (a, meaning ‘his,’ ‘hers,’ or ‘its,’ andden, meaning ‘child’) come from the shared Maninka and Bambara words of the same meaning and pronunciation.


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