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ya a Yammaninke verb meaning 'to want'

yaare a shortened form of yaxare a Yammaninke noun meaning 'woman'

Yaarinduro the name of the Falleya Widow spirit

yaasa a Yammaninke conjunction meaning 'so that' or 'in order to'

Yamma a country occupying the central and northwestern part of the continent of Kelendugu, populated mainly by tajakalu

Yammanka (pl: Yammankalu) a person from Yamma; an adjective describing a person or thing originating from the nation of Yamma or its culture

Yammaninke the main language spoken in Yamma, the most widely-used language on the Planet Duna

yan a Yammaninke adverb meaning 'here'

ye a Yammaninke verb meaning 'is'

yele a Yammaninke verb meaning 'to laugh' or 'to smile'

yelelega a Yammaninke adjective meaning 'ridiculous' or 'weird'

Yelanye the origin of modern humans in the Donkili, meaning ‘The Planting’ in Old Yammaninke (the Yelanye marks the Dunian year 0)

yilin a Yammaninke noun meaning 'light'

Yujing the capital city of Ranga and the Ranganese Union


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