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Madugukalo or Madukalo the eighth month of the twelve-month Dunian calendar, named for the mythical human ancestor Madugu from the Donkili (roughly coincides with Earth’s February)

mada 1) a Yammaninke noun meaning 'stillness' or 'calm' 2) a Yammaninke verb meaning 'to calm,''to quiet,' 'to settle down'

maga a Yammaninke verb meaning 'to touch'

maloya a Yammaninke noun meaning 'shame'

manga koro (pl. manga koronu) a member of the Yammanka ruling kafo

Manga Koro a prefix for a member of the manga koro kafo, similar to English ‘Lord,’ or ‘Lady’

mani a Yammaninke interrogative, similar to English 'what?'

mase a Yammaninke verb meaning 'to step back' or 'to move away'

mba a Yammaninke expression of acknowledgement used when one is greeted or called by name, similar to saying ‘yes?’ ‘what?’ ‘I heard you,’ or ‘I understand’ (masculine)

meke (pl: mekenu) a Yammanka unit of currency used throughout most of the world, one fiftieth of a walla (roughly equivalent to four cents)

men a Yammaninke verb meaning 'to hear,' 'to listen' or 'to understand'

menkanfen the Yammaninke word for 'info-com device'

mercium a parasitic sentient substance of unknown composition and origin

miri a Yammaninke verb meaning 'to think'

muna a Yammaninke interrogative similar to English 'what?' or 'why?'


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