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Fa the Yammaninke word for 'Father'

Fa-Kiye a reverent address for God, Kiye, in the Yammanka religion of Falleya, meaning literally ‘Father Kiye’ (sometimes used as a mild oath)

fankatigi (pl. fankatigiwu) a sub-theonite with physical strength equal to or surpassing that of the average theonite

faja the primal male vital force, the source of consciousness, instinct, and rudimentary reasoning (combines with naja in living beings to create the higher vital force of nyamaya)

Falleke the holy union of God, Kiye, and Goddess, Nyaare, in the Yammanka religion of Falleya

Fallekeba a Yammaninke exclamation meaning simply 'Great Falleke'

Falleya a Yammanka religion centered on the Falleke (the marriage between God, Kiye and Goddess, Nyaare)

famun a Yammaninke verb meaning 'to understand'

fankama (pl. fankamanu) patron or master of the household, similar to English ‘Master’

fankatigi (pl: fankatiwu) a person with superhuman physical strength but no theonite nyamaya or other special abilities

fe a Yammaninke verb meaning 'to want'

fele a Yammaninke verb meaning 'to look at,' 'to observe,' 'to examine,' 'to check' or 'to notice'

fen a versatile Yammaninke noun meaning 'thing'

fina (pl: finawu) a member of the fina kafo; a prefix for a member of the fina kafo, similar to the English ‘Mr.’ or ‘Ms.’

finayaa a respectful address for a female member of the fina kafo, roughly equivalent to the English ‘ma’am’

Firebird the alter ego Robin Thundyil uses when fighting crime

fle a Yammaninke word said when presenting something to someone, similar to English 'here' (i. e. 'here it is' or 'here you go')

fonya a shortened form of fonyoya the ability to control air

fonyaka a shortened form of fonyojaka (pl: fonyakalu) a person with fonya (the ability to control air)

fonyo the Yammaninke word for ‘wind’

forontunu a spicy Yammanka snack


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