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dafe a Yammanka article of clothing consisting of a large rectangle of fabric that can be worn around the waist, shoulders, or head, also called a ‘wrapper’

Dakkabana an international space center operated primarily by Yamma, with different sectors belonging to other nations

de a Yammaninke particle placed at the end of a sentence for emphasis, like an exclamation point

dege a Yammaninke verb meaning 'to learn'

den (pl. denw or denwu) a Yammaninke noun and term of address meaning 'child'

di 1) a Yammaninke verb meaning 'to give' or 'to hand over' 2) a Yammaninke modal verb meaning 'will' or 'should'

dimi the Yammaninke word for 'pain'

dimimabasi the Yammaninke word for 'painkillers'

dinma (pl: dinmanu) a Dunian measure of time (roughly equivalent to one and a half seconds)

Disa a country on the continent of Namindugu, a former Yammanka colony populated by the primarily tajaka descendants of native Disankalu and Yammanka colonizers

Disanka (pl: Disankalu) 1) a person from Disa 2) an adjective describing a person or thing originating from the nation of Disa or its culture

Disaninke the predominant language spoken in the country of Disa

doni doni a Yammaninke phrase translating roughly to ‘calm down’ or ‘take it easy’

Donkili a song performed by finawu to teach others about the history of the world and its relationship to the religion of Falleya

doron a Yammaninke adverb meaning 'only'

Dugubali the name of the Falleya Spirit of the Stranger, meaning literally ‘placeless’

duloki a Yammaninke noun meaning 'shirt,' 'top' or 'tunic'

Duna a planet that closely resembles Earth in a dimension that parallels ours

Duna Fune the Yammaninke word for Earth, meaning literally ‘Twin of Duna’


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