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"Discovering my powers wasn’t what changed my life. For thirteen years my powers were my life. What changed it was the realization that I was not alone."

Joan Messi has spent thirteen lonely years hiding her supernatural abilities from her parents, her classmates, and everyone in her white bread suburban community. However, her little world of secrets is shattered when a pair of strangers arrive from a parallel dimension on the hunt for a nameless criminal. Now, after a lifetime of wondering where her powers came from, Joan might have found the beginnings of an answer.

For Daniel Thundyil and his father, elemental powers and ego-maniacal supervillains are nothing new—although this is the first time a mission has brought them to a parallel dimension. Daniel's main concern in this new world isn't the looming threat of a godlike killer; it's fitting in at a school where the food is flavorless, everyone writes backwards in an ancient alphabet, and all the racial hierarchies seem to be reversed.



"Sci fi and magic and alternate universes! This book opens up whole new worlds and new ways of looking at culture and race and social norms. I'm ready for the next in the series!"

-- Amazon Reviewer

"I'm usually picky about sci-fi/fantasy books, but this one drew me in right away! Reading chapter one before bed quickly turned into reading over half of the book. It seamlessly weaves together fantasy with interdimensional worlds. Studying linguistics, I found the passages involving foreign languages and grammar especially interesting. Suspenseful throughout and ending in a pretty big cliff hanger, I'm anxious for the sequel!"

-- Amazon Reviewer

"I've read this novel twice so far, and both times I had such a hard time putting it down! It had to be done in one or two marathon sessions - I suggest devoting the better part of a weekend to it.

Theonite was a fantastic book on so many levels. Joan's characterization especially reminded me of my own middle/high school experience as a gifted but heinously bored student. Her discovery and honing of her powers, her pride, and her subsequent loneliness will resonate with anyone who has ever felt like an outsider for being inexpressibly different.

I appreciated the unique world-building/lore as well. Theonite gives us something refreshingly different from the traditional Tolkien-descended Euro-centric manifestation of alternate civilizations and their magic. I'm excited to see how this develops in future installments!"

-- Maureen (Amazon Reviewer)