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"This was a world where two black women with spears trumped three white men with guns, and one unarmed musician trumped them all. This was going to take some getting used to..."

After barely escaping Earth with their lives, Joan and Daniel scramble to piece together the mystery of Killer 31 while dodging police, security guards, annoying family members, and dark hooded figures.

Daniel always intended to take on the Firebird mantle and fight his father’s enemies, but he didn’t expect to have to do it at the age of thirteen under a hail of spears and bullets.

Joan was hoping to find a world where she wouldn’t be isolated because of her powers, but adjusting to existence on the bottom of Duna’s racial hierarchy turns out to be more painful than any of the alienation she experienced on Earth.

Grieving, unbalanced, and quickly becoming the most wanted people on the Dakkabana space station, Joan and Daniel are forced to strike up alliances with some unlikely people: a hyperactive Firebird fanboy, a friendly painter, and the disappointing son of an otherwise powerful warrior family.



"In this fantastic sequel to Planet Adyn, M. L. Wang expands the lore of alternate universe Earth, called Duna. Familiar vestiges of colonial dynamics are flipped on their heads, with African powers taking on the role of chief former-imperialists, now at the forefront of culture and class. The racism experienced by the white characters closely mirrors that of minorities on Earth. This book is a great introduction, especially for young readers, to start consciously questioning the nature and source of one's own prejudices. The magic is really fun, and the kafonu class system an interesting setup to future conflicts. I was most impressed by the temple scenes - what a vibrant, mysterious religion! I can't wait to see more."

-- Amazon Reviewer