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sci-fi - superpowers - friendship - adventure - afrofuturism

Sword of Kaigen cover

Theonite Novella, The Sword of Kaigen available to read online

The first part of my standalone Theonite novella, The Sword of Kaigen, is now available to read online. If you like swords, storms, and superpowered warfare, be sure to check it out. New chapters are released to the Newsletter each month.

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Want to know more about Planet Duna, its languages, and its people? Visit our ever-expanding Extras Page for a whole library of references, including a map of Duna, world flags, a timeline of Dunian history, a glossary of Yammaninke terms, and a guide to the Dunian kafonu.

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Planet Adyn - Youtube Audiobook Begins!

The prologue of Theonite: Planet Adyn is now available in audiobook form on Youtube.

This recording is an experiment for me, so if you enjoy it and would like to hear more, please send me an email or leave a Youtube comment to that effect. Every bit of feedback helps!